Water and wine trophy

WACHAUmarathon and Kärnten Läuft

If you run in the half marathon near Carinthia and take part in the half marathon in the WACHAUmarathon, you automatically take part in the water and wine trophy.

Over 200 runners registered for the half marathons in Carinthia and the Wachau in 2019 and took part in the WASSER & WEIN Trophy.

In the course of the award ceremony in Krems, four winners were drawn from the finishers of both events, who can look forward to attractive prizes.

Winners from 2019

A year’s supply of Gasteiner mineral water: Michael Pils

A year’s supply of wine from Winzer Krems: Alina Costea

VIP weekend Kärnten läuft 2020: Kai Guggenbichler

VIP weekend WACHAUmarathon 2022: Andreas Hölzl

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