After the Race

Location for the catering at the finishline

So that you can replenish your energy reserves after you have crossed the finish line, we have set up extensive catering for you.

Same as last year, you will receive the catering at the Krems Stadtpark. The great advantage of the location is the generous amount of space there.

Only participants with their start number are allowed access to the catering at the finish.

The target catering can only be passed once (ONE WAY ONLY)!
Once you have left the area of the target catering, you cannot go back.

Accompanying persons and fans can briefly greet the arriving runners from the city park (separated by bars) before the runners can be welcomed in the city park after the finish catering.

Energy after the race

In the finishing area each participant will receive a bottle of water. Mineraldrinks, Red Bull and Simply Cola will also be served.

Freshly baked granola bars and fruit cakeapplesoranges and bananas will also be available after the race.

After the catering for runners in the finishing area you have the possibility to enjoy the treats offered by our culinary partners.

Results 2019

Here you find the results from Saturday, September 28th 2019

Here you find the results from Sunday, September 29th 2019

Photo service Horst Viertbauer

Your personal souvenir photos from the  23rd WACHAUmarathon 2021 on the route and at the finish line will be taken this year for you by the team of FOTO VIERTBAUER HORST .

The team is looking forward to all participants. You can already register on the Foto Viertbauer website to be the first to know when your participant photo will be available online after the event.


Chip Return in the convention hall

At the WACHAUmarathon you run through one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. In order to express our connection to the region and nature itself, we are trying this year to further reduce the amount of waste that is unfortunately unavoidable at a large event.

We set major accents with the clothes bags and the timekeeping chips.

At the WACHAUmarathon there will only be one starter bag this year, which is both a goodie bag and a clothes bag.

At the start number distribution in Vienna and Krems, you will first receive your start documents. Then we ask you to pick up your goodie bag. By sticking your start number on the included start number sticker, your goodie bag can be converted into a garment bag! In this way we save 10,000 plastic bags. In addition, the running bag is 100% biodegradable!

ATTENTION: We only transport official marathon garment bags in the WACHAUmarathon clothing buses.

For the sake of the environment, we also ask you to put the GREEN timekeeping chips in the designated containers in the Krems exhibition hall after the race.

The chips can then be reprogrammed and reused by PENTEK-TIMING!

At the WACHAUmarathon Expo you can use the chip to read your elapsed time directly on a screen.

Return trip after the race

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