About the race

Bib numbers may be picked up in Vienna on September 23rd and in Krems on September 24th and 25th.

September 24th 2022 
1 pm – 6 pm
location will be announced soon

September 24th 2022
11 am – 6 pm
WACHAUmarathon Expo in Krems
Utzstraße 12
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September 25th 2022
6.30 am – 8.00 am (no late entry)
WACHAUmarathon Expo in Krems
Utzstraße 12
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You will need your certificate of registration from Pentek Payment to pick up the bib number.

It is unfortunately not possible to send the start documents by post.

Please be sure to take the registration confirmation from Pentek Payment for collection!

Status: February 2022 – changes possible

You can still register for all competitions on September 23rd and 24th in the course of picking up your bib number!

On Sunday, September 25th, 2022, collection is only possible in exceptional cases, also at the EXPO in Krems.

Please be sure to take the registration confirmation from Pentek Payment with you when you pick it up!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send the starting documents by post.

According to the current state of knowledge, a 2G proof (vaccinated or recovered) must be presented when the start number is issued – collection by another person is not possible!

After your online registration, you can access the starting lists under Pentek Timing.

We cannot offer this solution, which is unique in Austria, this year because no insurance company is currently prepared to bear the entire risk before the event. However, we offer individual cancellation insurance in cooperation with Pentek Payment, but this does not cover cancellation due to a pandemic.


If you run in the half marathon near Carinthia and take part in the half marathon in the WACHAUmarathon, you automatically take part in the water and wine trophy.

Over 200 runners registered for the half marathons in Carinthia and the Wachau in 2019 and took part in the WASSER & WEIN Trophy.

In the course of the award ceremony in Krems, four winners were drawn from the finishers of both events, who can look forward to attractive prizes.

Before the race

When you register online at www.pentek-payment.at you will receive a confirmation via e-mail or fax. Please print this certificate and bring it when you pick up your bib number.

This simply means that your entry fee has not yet been credited to the Pentek payment account. Please check again in a few days and in case of problems contact Pentek Payment.

September 23rd, 2022
1 p.m. – 6 p.m
Location open

September 24th, 2022
11 a.m. – 6 p.m
WACHAUmarathon EXPO in Krems

If you do not own your own chip, when picking up your bib number you must have a chip registered to you at the Pentek Timing stand. The timing mats only read yellow and green ChampionChips. All other chips and different color chips cannot be processed.

Participants who would like to rent a chip for this event will receive a green day chip for single use at the bib number pick up. The green Chip can be booked online.

Participants who would like to purchase a chip will receive a yellow chip for a fee of €33 when picking up their bib numbers. This yellow chip can be used worldwide at any event being serviced by ChampionChip. This chip cannot be returned, and previously purchased chips will not be taken back.

ATTENTION: Without a chip there will be no time measurement!

Runners (Marathon: 2006; half marathon birth year 2008 or younger; quarter marathon birth year 2010 or younger) need special permission from the organizer to take part in the race.

The necessary parental consent forms can be requested at office@wachaumarathon.com.

The following methods of transportation are available:

– half marathon/nordic walking: bus train, or ship
– quarter marathon/team: busses
– marathon: there are busses or trains from Krems.

Upon registration you must choose a method of transportation. Your chosen method of transportation will be printed on your bib number, so that a ticket is not necessary. Please be aware that only the printed method of transportation and departure time are valid. This helps all participants to have a easy arrival and helps in the planning of timetables.

Baggage will be transported by busses located immediately next to the starting area and marked accorsing to event and bib numbers. When dropping off and picking up please have your bib number ready. Baggage may deposited from one hour until 10 minutes before the start of the event. In the finishing area the baggage busses are located directly next tot he convention halls. Please follow the signs. We remind you that only clothing bags provided by the organizer and marked with number and name will be transported.

We take no responsibility for lost articles, especially deposited clothing bags and valuables contained therein.

When travelling to Krems please use the designated parking areas, for example in Hafenstraße (coming from the S5), at Bühl Center/Wachau Shopping Center, in the Wiener Starße (at Penny Markt) and in the Rechten Kremszeile.

There are a total of 14 official parking spots available. Between 6:30-9:00 and after 13:00 there will be a shuttle service between the parking lots and the Krems train station (departure of shuttle busses to the starting areas).

In Spitz and Emmersdorf there is limited parking.

No parking in Achleiten (Quarter marathon)

Self-catering for the marathon (not available for the half marathon) can be deposited on Saturday, 17:00-18:00 at the information stand at the WACHAUmarathon EXPO (Krems conference center) or on Sunday, 9:00-9:30 at the marathon start in Emmersdorf. Containers (NO GLAS!) must be clearly marked with name, bib number and catering station.

During the race

The B3 (Wachau road) on the northern bank of the Danube between Emmersdorf and Krems will be closed to traffic 8:00-16:00 as will all side roads between Luberegg and Krems leading onto the B3. From the Mautern bridge to Spitz traffic will be closed as of 8:30, from the Melk bridge to Spitz as of 8:00, whereby shuttle busses for runners to the start of the half marathon in Spitz still run until 9:30. Upstream from the Melk bridge to Weitenegg will be closed as of 8:30. The road will be opened progressively as the last runner passes. At the latest at 15:00 the only disturbances will be directly in Krems. By 16:30 all roads will be open again. Spitz should be open to the west by 13:00.

Please take wide detours around the entire area via the A1 and S33, the opposite bank of the Danube (B33) and the wooded quarter (Leiben, Ottenschlag, Weinzierl, Senftenberg).

Yes. The following starting blocks are planned. In your own interest please place yourself in the area corresponding to your ability. The pacemakers powered by Top Times are at the front of each block.

Block 1 – RED: under 1:30
Block 2 – BLACK: 1:30 – 1:45
Block 3 – BLUE: 1:45 – 2:00
Block 4 – GREEN: 2:00 – 2:15
Block 5 – ORANGE: 2:15 – 2:30
Block 6 – PURPLE: over 2:30
Block 7 – MAGENTA: Nordic Walking

The route is marked with arrows and there are kilometer markers every kilometer.

ATTENTION: up to the half marathon the marking is 1-21KM, after this KM M22,1=HM1; M23,1=HM2; etc.

The quarter marathon is also AIMS measured, is exactly 11 KM and has kilometer signs.

Signs that say “100m Verpflegungsstelle“ indicate an approaching energy station.

There are 12 refreshment stations along the way, located to fit into the geographic specifications of the route, whereby in the first half of the marathon they are no more than 5 km apart and for the half marathon no more than 3.5 km.

Self-catering for the marathon (not available for the half marathon) can be deposited on Saturday, 17:00-18:00 at the information stand at the WACHAUmarathon EXPO (Krems conference center) or on Sunday, 9:00-9:30 at the marathon start in Emmersdorf. Containers (NO GLAS!) must be clearly marked with name, bib number, and catering station.Markieren Sie ihren Behälter (kein Glas!) deutlich mit Namen, Startnummer und Verpflegungspunkt.

Medical care will be provided by the Austrian Red Cross, with ambulances along the way and a medical tent in the finishing area.

The finish line is officially closed at 3.30 pm, at which point the route will gradually be reopened to traffic. Behind the runners there will be bus as the finishing vehicle which will transport any who are no longer able to run to the finish line.

Closing time: Please be aware that the following checkpoints must have been passed by the proscribed times. 

  • by 11.30 am, Grimsing
  • by 1.00 pm, Spitz
  • by 2.30 om, Dürnstein (Kuenringer Pool parking lot)
  • by 3.00 pm, finish line Krems city park

Observers can drive unrestricted along the southern bank of the Danube B33 and theoretically cross with the ferries in Arnsdorf – Spitz, St. Lorenzen – Weißenkirchen and Dürnstein – Rossatz to cheer. In Arnsdorf  there will be a lot of vehicles parked, which may lead to a long walk to the ferry. This should not be the case in Weißenkirchen.

The simplest solution is to follow the runners by bike along the towpath, which is also open to bikers during the event with delays where it crosses the B3.

After the race

The numbered baggage busses will be located near the finish line, directly at the entrance to the WACHAumarathonEXPO at the Krems Convention Center.

You can get your results with your ChampionChip at the convention center. Final results are on internet at Pentek Timing www.pentek-timing.at.

On the list next to your name you can clock on a certificate symbol and print your personal certificate. 

Your personal souvenir photos from the WACHAUmarathon on the route and at the finish line will be taken by the team FOTO VIERTBAUER HORST.

You can find your photos under this Link in the result list www.pentek-timing.at.

Valid for half marathon , quarter marathon and marathon:
AK20, AK30, AK40, AK50, AK55, AK60, AK65, AK70

Nordic Walking only classes male and female, TEAM only classes male, female and mixed.

The awards ceremony for the quarter marathon (all classes) and team 1st, 2nd, 3rd male/female/mixed as of 1:00 pm (if possible).

For the half marathon (all classes) and Nordic Walking 1st, 2nd, 3rd (male/female) from 2.00 pm (if possible) and the awards ceremony for the marathon (all classes) will be from 3.00 pm (if possible).

Found objects will be brought to the lost and found (next to the information stand next to the EXPO hall.

The organizer takes no responsibility for these.

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